YCIS Beijing Open Day 北京耀中开放日

Early Childhood Education Information Session

October 29, 2019 from 8:30am onwards

Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing) is holding another insightful Information Session for prospective parents on October 29 from 8:30am onwards on its downtown campus. The event is for parents of Early Childhood Education-aged children (age 2 to 4). To register, please fill out the form below.

The Information Session will be facilitated by our Early Childhood Education (ECE) Leadership Team. It will focus on our unique YCIS ECE Approach and our 12 Foundational Values. The session will include discussions about how these values are integrated into the following aspects of our programme :

• Our Emergent Curriculum

• Our Learning Community Model 

• Our Play-based, Bilingual Environment

• Our Unique Co-Teaching Model

The event will be also a great opportunity to tour our beautiful Honglingjin campus. During the school tour, parents will observe our school in action, see the great things our students are doing, discover the outstanding opportunities our innovative learning environment offers and of course, see our newly renovated facilities.

For parents who are unable to attend, please contact our Admissions Department, which will be happy to arrange a private tour and answer any questions parents may have about our school.

 We look forward to seeing you and hope you will encourage others to join you!

 *The event is open to prospective parents only, so only families with children holding a foreign passport are encouraged to attend.


北京耀中国际学校(YCIS Beijing)将于10月29日上午8:30起,在其位于市中心的校园内,为未来学生的家长们举办另一场别开生面的信息会。本次活动是专为幼教部适龄(2至4岁)学生的家长而设计。如欲报名参加本次活动请填写下面的表格。


· 我们的生成课程

· 我们的学习社区模式

· 我们寓教于乐的双语环境

· 我们独特的双教师制





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*Seats are limited for this event. Due to the high number of registrations, not all spaces are guaranteed. Please wait for confirmation from our Admissions Staff.本次活动名额有限。鉴于报名的人数较多,无法全部保证您的席位。请等待我校招生部的确认。
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